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Authentic Tabriz Persian Hand knotted 50 Raj Silk Wrap Rug Beikzadeh Hand Made Carpet Portrait 85x60 CM Php

Authentic Tabriz Persian Hand knotted 50 Raj Silk Wrap Rug Beikzadeh Hand Made Carpet Portrait 85x60 CM Php

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Product Description

85 x 60 CM, Beautifully, Traditionally Designed Hand Made Silk Wrap Rug of Tabriz, New, Never been Used, Beikzadeh Family Business for Over 100 Years.

Persian Silk wrap rugs portrait photo, they are very rare and beautiful piece of arts. All hand knotted 50 raj silk wrap rug made from 100% natural wool and silk. They come in different sizes, We can also create your own Personalised designs on request, it would take roughly 3-4 months to finish the work requested and import to the UK. You can frame these rugs like as pictures, and hang on your wall, these rugs lasting 100s of years, they are very durable and high quality.

This item is hand knotted, hand made in Tabriz, made from pure wool and silk, they do not come with any kind of tags, we can make your own Personalised  design on request.

Amazing Unique Art, Girls Portrait, Authentic Hand knotted 50 Raj Silk Wrap Rug Carpet Portrait.


Tabriz/Iran - Beikzadeh Rugs


This is a family business, in Tabriz, Iran, which has been going on for over 100 years, Beikzadeh Family, designed and sold 1000s of rugs worlwide, most famous Persian rugs provenance. Tabriz rugs are often indicated by a "Raj" number. The higher this number, the finer the rug is, as it indicates the knot density. There are both average (40 Raj) and exceptionally fine (80 Raj) Persian rugs from Tabriz.



100% wool with pure silk

A combination of the probably best properties of sheep wool and pure silk. The natural wool is characterized by high durability, dirt-repellent properties and thermal insulation. At the same time, the silk content creates a unique shine that appears to glow from the right perspective. Ornaments made of silk thus set accents in the design, creating a real wow-effect. Even today, silk is an expression of pure luxury. It is elaborately obtained by hand and woven into textile fibres.

(Sheep wool & Silk)


Knotted by hand


Traditionally hand-knotted rugs still form the highest quality standard among all types of rugs. Depending on the type of knot, the rugs are extremely robust and can last for generations. The finer and tighter a rug is knotted, the more detailed ornaments and patterns can be depicted on the pile. At the same time, a very fine oriental rug requires a much higher manual effort as well as a higher level of experience and skill of the knotter. Thus the knot density also serves as a decisive value factor of hand-knotted rugs. The quality is not directly related to the knot density. A rather coarse rug may well have been made in excellent quality.



  • Size: 85x60 cm
  • Thickness: ap. 5 mm
  • Origin: Tabriz/Iran
  • Manufacturing: Knotted by hand
  • Knot density: 450 000 - 500 000 / m²
  • Pile: 100% wool with pure silk
  • Warp: Silk
  • Age: New
  • Condition/Maintenance: Excellent
  • Weight: ap. 
  • Art Work Design
  • Imported
  • In stock: Only 1 Unique Rug in stock

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